The jetty at Edith­burgh is one of the most colour­ful shore dives around. The pylons are incred­i­bly rich in life, cov­ered with sponges, fans and lit­tle crit­ters. The jetty itself is rea­son­ably short but wide, sup­ported by pylons in rows of 4. Don’t bother try­ing to count pylons as a mode of ori­en­ta­tion — it can get a bit confusing!

The water ranges from 3m to 12m+ and vis­i­bil­ity is usu­ally decent (6-8m). Entry points are steps on either side of the jetty, giant stride off the side, or for the more adven­tur­ous, a giant stride off the deep end.

Site details

Depth: 12m
Loca­tion: Edith­burgh, at the heel of the Yorke Penin­sula, 200km from Adelaide.
Get­ting in: Steps from the jetty, or for the adven­tur­ous, a giant stride off the end of the jetty.
High­lights: Sea­horses, pyjama squid. The blocks in the mid­dle of the jetty hold some great surprises.
Notes: Don’t bother try­ing to count pylons to nav­i­gate — there’s so many it gets really confusing.

There’s always plenty to see both under the jetty and off to the sides. There’s always lots of fish, blue swim­mer and dec­o­rated crabs, sea horses, eagle rays, con­ger eels and even angler­fish. Nudi­branchs are also quite common.

A night dive at Edith­burgh is really quite spe­cial. You’ll very likely find the sea horses out and about, and if you’re really lucky, some pyjama squid. If you get the chance, its well worth it.

Pyjama Squid

Pyjama squid
Conger Eel

Con­ger eel
Short-head Seahorse

Short-headed sea horse
Hypselodoris saintvincentius

Hypselodoris saintvin­cen­tius
White fan worm

White fan worm
Pretty blue eyes

Estu­ary catfish
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